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What do Open House Job Fairs have to offer?

As a job seeker, Open House Job Fairs give you an opportunity to learn much more about the company, their work environment, and the position for which you are applying.  Depending on the venue Open House Job Fairs can be onsite or offsite. Onsite Fairs may offer Company Overviews and Tours as well as personal interviews. Some formats may have a company seminar with a question and answer session immediately following the seminar so jobseekers can determine whether or not they are qualified or to what extent they are interested in the opportunity, prior to setting up a personal interview.

Do I need to talk with "big-name" companies to find my dream job?

Not necessarily. Your perfect career might be found within an organization you've never even considered. An Open House Job Fair offers you the opportunity to learn much more about the company for which you are considering.  Companies that host Open House Career Fairs realize that the more informed you are about the opportunity at hand, the greater employee retention will be. That means greater savings on employee training, which ultimately leads to greater employee satisfaction.

Open House Job Fairs
provide job seekers and employers a more intimate and controlled environment which is more conducive to company overviews and personal interviews!

How do Open House Job Fairs differ from Employer Open Houses?

Whether you call them "Open House Job (Career) Fairs", "Employer Open Houses", or "In-House Job (Career) Fairs", they are basically the same thing. The nice thing is, no matter what you call them, we have them covered as either or our sister company,, owns all of these domains and websites.

How much does it cost to attend?

There's never a fee for applicants wishing to attend these events!. When companies choose an offsite location we try whenever possible to find locations where there is no parking fee.

Whether you're looking for a new career, a change of scenery or just a new direction for your life, Open House Job Fairs can help you explore the endless possibilities and opportunities available to you.

Experience face-to-face contact with prospective employers, and HR representatives. Discover  "what's out there."

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