How to make the most of your Job Fair experience!

Mark Your Calendar

Mark your calendar and carve out a couple of hours to invest in your future. If a company offers an Informational Seminar or a Tour/Walk Through prior to their interviews, do anything within your power to attend.  We believe there is a direct correlation between those that interview successfully and those who are well informed about the career opportunity.

Dress Professionally

 Bring Plenty of Resumes

Be Ready to Network With Other Professionals

Come With Your Best Handshake and A Smile

Explore All of Your Options

 ΨCheck out our 2009 Career Fair Calendar throughout the United States


Pre-Registration for all events is Highly Recommended

This allows us to be better prepared to help you, the jobseeker.    Select an event to attend and get a free Registration Pass.  Your registration pass will be used for many purposes:

1.     First of all your registration will help provide us a good idea of how many jobseekers to expect.  This will help the company hosting the job fair better prepare for the event and hopefully keep any waiting period to a minimum.

2.     Job seekers that pre-register for events that fit the criteria of the host company will be given preferential treatment concerning who gets interviewed first.

3.     Applicants who pre-register can choose the most convenient time to interview during the fair, however this in no way obligates the employer to begin your interview at a certain time, as there are too many variables. 

4.     Pre-registrants will receive reminders concerning their upcoming event and their e-mail address will by used to inform them of other job fairs in their area which may be put on by Open House Job Fairs or one of the companies we sponsor.


Pre-Register Now! Whether you are looking for a new job, a new career, a change of scenery or just a new direction for your life or career, Open House Job Fairs can help you explore the endless possibilities and opportunities available to you. Come and join us... "There’s someone inside who's been looking for you!"


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